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Ielts how to write project proposals

In today's situation action of a number of factors gives to these problems special sharpness. In particular, the situation in the sphere of family education sharply changed: the old system of a patriarchal family with its possession of many children, objective need of early inclusion in affairs of a family, work, informal neighbour's control, continuity of the economic, social, professional status from generation to generation, patriarchal authority of the grandfather and father, monopoly of a family (together with school) on information transfer dies off. The number of incomplete families, and also families in which sources of criminogenic influence on children work increases. The consumer and prestigious education focusing children on getting of things as end in itself, a way of self-affirmation, ideological turmoil of seniors has an adverse effect on the general level of spirituality of teenagers.

The organization of lessons was under construction on requirements: to look, ask, listen, work at manifestation of empathy, and also to give the account how you expressed empathy for the period which passed since the last lesson.

For an illustration of substantial and semantic interrelation of the sections "audience — problems — the purposes — tasks — the content of activity" we will designate ideas of separate social and pedagogical projects and programs which audience are priority categories of the population (both from a position of the public importance, and from the point of view of possible sources of financing of the project: a family, difficult teenagers, elderly people, disabled people (or persons with limited functions).

— Joint performance of creative tasks — drawing on the subjects "My Family", "My Negative and Positive Impression", "My Favourite Book", and also a molding, designing, creative imagination, singing, dances, etc.

School of Courage project of the Task of the project: formation at boys of steady behavioural models and examples of "courage" (the boy — the leader, the husband, the keeper of a family, the defender of the fatherland, etc.); spiritual and moral education of school students on traditions of domestic culture; all-round development of intellectual, emotional and physical culture of the personality.

As the project which is effectively solving the last problem, we will give an example of the program" Empathy" which is realized on the basis of the Mission of This Project comprehensive schools — the statement of empathy as bases of conscience, of the responsible and healthy social relations, active participation of the person in affairs of society. Therefore, education of empathy — the major socially significant task.

Actions for implementation of the project: development of the standard regulating and constituent documentation; selection and equipment of the room; economic, material and staffing of the Center.

Secondly, personal problems are the contradictions of an interior caused by updating of the opposite purposes, aspirations and values, internal impossibility of realization of a vital plan (i.e. the barriers and difficulties caused by a mismatch of an inner world of people.

Needs of the person — as the need realized and endured by him in a certain sort the objects and conditions necessary for its existence and development acting as a source of its activity and defining character and an orientation of its feelings, thoughts, behavior, activity.

Design solutions of the tasks designated above can be the most various. Let's stop on the characteristic only of some design ideas which can be easily adapted for a concrete situation and are used in design activity.

The characteristic of needs of the personality it is necessary and it is expedient to carry out in case the welfare community (club, association, fund, amateur association, etc.) is a form of implementation of the project. The account in contents of the project of the typical requirements bringing the person into a welfare community will create necessary prerequisites for creative activity of the personality, will provide conditions of a social demand of its potential, will become a guarantee of efficiency of the program.

Source of personal problems is the problem situation which at the subjective level can be transformed or to a task (in that case when the subject possesses opportunities of its permission), or in a problem when the subject realizes impossibility means of cash knowledge and experience to resolve the certain difficulties and contradictions which arose in concrete vital circumstances.