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In graphic part of an academic year project are presented: the scheme an electric basic programmatora of chips of ROM, the drawing of the printed-circuit board, an assembly drawing of software, the block diagram of a programmator, a basic electric circuit cross-country – the payments connected to a programmator.

In settlement part calculation of geometrical parameters of printed circuit wiring, calculation of power consumption of the scheme, calculation of illumination of the room of BTsR, and also calculation of the transformer of the power supply is made.

At adjustment and operation of radio equipment of big power it is necessary to consider that it allocates a large number of heat which can appear a cause of the fire. Therefore all such equipment has to be equipped air, and there where it is necessary also water cooling.

For sewage treatment, treatment facilities are under construction. For local purification of waste production waters in the city sewerage it has to be reduced due to application of rational technological processes, introduction without waste technology, full or partial water recirculation, a reuse of sewage. For this purpose at the enterprises development of rational water disposal is conducted. In sewage define concentration of specific components. The cleared sewage arrives on cooling installations, and then comes back to system of reverse water supply.