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In present period formations of information civilization at a turn of a new century and new a, problems of education, its present and the future become very actual. Recently actively the new science - education philosophy, develops a little more five tens years ago. What connects these two concepts - philosophy and educations?

In our country we face now with similar. There are gaps, first, between the level of school and higher education and, secondly, between the level of the higher education and science, including the academic science which is compelled to by retraining of the shots recruited in it "to bring up" them to the necessary level.

"Now to an image "the person knowing" quite often "personality", say that the purpose of education to create the full-fledged creative person. Really, the person knowing words the expert - only part of the person, but also the personality - part of the person, though essential part, is also other "parts" - a body (a corporal being), mentality (a mental being), spirit (a being), the social individual (a patrimonial being), etc.

The bureaucratic centralism in education inevitably leads to that a total product of training preparation of labor is considered. Meanwhile, education is, first of all an investment in the humanitarian capacity of society. As it is most rational to make investments in this potential is one of key. It is thought that the monopolized system in essence an to contain excess number mediocre the working HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS, it is not able to overcome interests of administration and the teachers who are desperately resisting a reshaping or reduction of structures. If in its framework the system of education in which need is felt already today is created, and here it, most likely, will spend empty huge resources.

By the way, and new commercial structures, both large, and, understand that widely educated, capable to non-standard decisions and fast retraining of people - for them very valuable acquisition. Here only how to provide serious fundamental education?

It is probable if isolation of technical and humanitarian cultures becomes intolerant, promotes deepening of crisis of our, it is necessary to work for their rapprochement, to aspire to the complete guyomanitarno-technical personality. An ideal - complete, organic ­, guided in both cultures in which "sprouts" of culture where there will be no most this opposition any more - "gumanitaryono-technical" are visible.

One more insistent requirement - to form the moral responsible person. Today it becomes in respect of judgment the person of moral realities, the good and evil, the place in lives, knowledge, responsibility for the nature, for destiny of culture, relatives, etc. In other words, first of all in a humanitarian key. outlook, it is possible to tell, it is imputed modern and education to almost everyone to the second, but the lack of humanitarian attitude more and more, it is more often realized as an essential ideal.

It is represented that here the role of is great and irreplaceable. Whatever spoke about crisis of an education system, value of will remain and even grow. Our existence of with good scientific and cultural traditions is pledge of that in the country the intellectual level capable of a the country from crisis of judgment and the decision not only konyyunktury, but also strategic tasks will not disappear.

And it absolutely other approach. And concrete knowledge, concrete theories - to it the person has to study itself. It is necessary to pass to other types of the contents and other purposes of education. reflexively to turn all educational knowledge and disciplines. From this point of view all textbooks which exist today, do not.