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The trick to research

In general, the most part of the existence the fate was fragmentary, leaving a corkscrew of new styles and variations each some years. And it is quite logical, considering that this genre was born from mixture of various styles. Roots of fate can be looked for in the very ancient time: and in a folk music, both in the jazz, and in the blues. As the generalizing term for the wide range of styles experts use the term "rock'n'roll". However in common sense to this term quite certain sounding is put in compliance. Therefore it is more correct to use the term "fate" for avoidance of confusion.

But fortunately all fate is not based on pop rock, since a hard rock the fate forks on two directions: actually the fate and hard rock which subsequently generated a certain peculiar metal culture.

First of all attracted that the punk was wild, spiteful, but nevertheless a fresh wind. It seemed, everything is already tried, ahead at music only repetition passed, and punks admired as the last violent, scandalous, but honest holiday of the leaving rock'n'roll.