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Before cleaning potatoes are washed carefully, then cleared and delete eyes. The cleared tubers cut on cubes with a side in 7 – 8 cm, columns or circles. Uniformity of particles at are sharp potatoes and other root crops and vegetables provides uniformity of removal of moisture and bringing a product to full readiness. The portion of cut potatoes is washed out in water, placed in a colander or a gauze sack and lowered in the boiling water for 3 – 5 min. After that potatoes are lowered in cold water and then allowed to flow down to water. The prepared potatoes are displayed on a sieve (trays) an even layer in 2-2,5 cm and loaded into a drying cabinet or the furnace. During drying it is necessary to watch that potatoes did not burn slightly. Drying temperature (which can be checked, having put the thermometer on a sieve) has to be not higher than 800C. When potatoes a little dry up, it should be mixed slightly, without damaging slices. The dried-up potatoes are cooled and poured in a box or a bag for storage.

Drying white. Parsley, a celery, a parsnip belong to white korenye. Root crops well wash out in water, clear and cut on circles or noodles without preliminary scalding. It is recommended to dry white korenye at a temperature not over 60-650C.

Granaries are constructed taking into account physical properties of grain weight. Humidity of air in granaries has to be maintained at the level of 60-75% during the entire period of storage that corresponds to equilibrium humidity 13-15%dlya all grain crops.

In rational use of raw materials its complex processing at which waste is excluded in general is of great importance or are reduced to a minimum. Thus make some product names of one type of raw materials, and the formed inevitable waste uses for development of useful products or feeds a farm animal.

At development of jam and jam essential value has the contents in raw materials of pectinaceous substances and their zheliruyushchy ability. If amount of pectin in fruits and vegetables small and zheliruyushchy ability low, when processing such raw materials I add a pectinaceous concentrate.