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The listed above steps of the international economic integration are stages which in a varying degree pass all countries which entered process of association of economies. Their knowledge is necessary for full understanding of structures, the purposes and problems of all integration associations. It is also necessary to study experience of the groups which already passed certain stages and the nobility the problems arising at this or that stage with search of the possible warning measures of influence and more thorough training of the soil for further development.

Nevertheless, there are common features and objective prerequisites of integration. The successful course of integration process requires performance of some conditions which promote the fastest, with the smallest barriers to course of process of association of economies. One of such conditions is the geographical proximity of member countries. It is explained by minimization of costs of transport transportations. Creation of the developed system of means of communication is desirable. Not casually on such continents as Australia or South America with slightly a large number of ports megalopolises exists the developed internal transport system that is in many respects connected with features of climate. It means that creation of domestic market is complicated that, in turn, to slow down integration process in general. Also integration process is promoted by approximately identical level of development of economy of member countries. For example, in the European Union countries there is the whole list of criteria to which there has to correspond the country wishing to enter into alliance. But, nevertheless, there are unions in which the countries with very various level of development of economy consist, thus in order that the country with the smallest economic indicators became the equal partner, the period of time and necessary special monetary funds for pulling up of less developed economies to the general indicators is required enough long.

The examples given above, speak about strong distinctions in the processes which are taking place in the world and about a difference of approaches to their consideration, about absolutely different problems and tasks decided in various parts of the globe, but nevertheless emphasizing that at sufficient development of the countries, there is an objective requirement to further development through integration of world economic communications.

At formation of a free trade zone there is a gradual abolition of the customs duties and other non-tariff barriers, occur liberalization of international trade in general, simplification of movement of commodity streams in the corresponding zone. At creation of FTA a number of the negative moments comes to light. First of all is a probable adverse action of import goods on the local producer, his exit because of not competitiveness from own domestic market and fixing on its place of foreign firm. In this case the local producer needs serious support from the state.

The general for all member countries of integration group of a standard of behavior, the rules leading process institutes are an integral part of process of association of economies. And the general leading institutes have to be independent, and their decisions obligatory for all member countries.

Emergence of such institutes in itself and their real importance is an indicator of steps of integration development. It is possible to carry stages of the international economic integration (IEI) which, anyway, pass all integrated countries in various degree to common features of process of integration of the countries.

Besides these organizations there are still various institutes of an economic and financial profile, and also any controlling and advising bodies. These are all structural settings the directions of development defining and organizing performance and also which are carrying out the concord and controlling functions. The European Union is the already developed and almost developed system of cooperation in which its validity and positive character is now visible.