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Process symbols specify the actual operations about here - rabotka of data. The logical symbols relating to this group define a way which follows in the scheme of the program hold - to vatsya taking into account logical conditions.

- - - - - - - - - This symbol displays alternative communication between two and bo-to Lea symbols. For example, the exit used as an entrance to the following process can be connected to this entrance with on - power of dashed lines. Also it can be used for an obvedeniye of the annotated site.

Names of chapters of paragraphs, points, subparagraphs should be begun with the paragraph and they can be written more in large print, than the text. Thus the figures specifying them numbers should not act abroad the paragraph.

Specific is a symbol which on the contrary, uses - when the type of process or the carrier of data or when it is necessary to describe the actual carrier of data is known. Linear this - oxen reflect data flows, transition of management, initialization of massifs, etc. From the point of view of the maintenance of a symbol podrazdelya-yutsyatsya on the following groups:

The scheme of data is intended for display of a way of the tasks given at the decision, defines processing stages, and also razlich-the ny used carriers of data. According to the contents the scheme of data is close to information model.

In addition to the scheme of technological process on purpose spetsifitsiro-the vaniya of actually technological operations can be developed the techno logical card in which the list of all operations tekhnolo-gichesky process is reflected, sequence of their performance, initial a mat - the rials, a type of operation, output documents received as a result you - a polneniye of all operations.

Preparation the Symbol displays modification of team or group of teams for the purpose of impact on some subsequent function (modification of the index mode or initialization of the program, installation pe-a reklyuchatel, etc.).

The sign "+" is applied only in the expressions standing after an equal-sign. For the sizes having two limits, the unit of measure is written only once at the second figure. Such signs as "N", """," are written % only once at the second figure. In the text they should be written only with words; number, paragraph, percent. Mathematical characters, such as" + ", " - ", " = ", "> ", " <" and so on are used only in formulas. In the text they should be written with words: "plus", "minus", "equally", "more", is "less". For example, "Stability coefficient at the enterprises of individual production ra-veins 0,6"; "Frequency of updating of the massif is less periodich-to Nosta of the solution of a task".

The card is formed in relation to a certain look or group of documents which are subject to processing on this operation. It has to contain the following information: - the applied type of cars; - an operating procedure where it is specified: and / the list of requisites with the indication of the columns which are subject to inclusion in a game - trawl number; / document columns / places for record of results / checksums/; in / technology of correction of mistakes; / name of the following technological operation.

Also definition of the concept "scheme" is important. The scheme, in a general view, is understood as graphical representation op-a redeleniye, the analysis or a method of the solution of a task in which is-symbols for display of operations, data, a stream, the equipment, etc. use.