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Generalizing the aforesaid, it should be noted that process of a reflection is individual. Activization of a reflexive position in innovative activity of the teacher is undoubtedly connected with the identity of the teacher, with his orientation to self-development. As a source of this process the system of the contradictions realized by the teacher in pedagogical activity for this reason it is necessary to create such situations which would staticize a reflexive position in educational professional activity acts, formed positive self-perception, stimulated processes of self-affirmation.

The reflexive consciousness controls process of construction and check of these or those innovations at school, critically comprehends all stages of activity. There are bases to assume also that innovative activity is not always accurately realized, at least, at a stage of creation of programs, the purposes. It is often realized, as soznavayemy and extramental, spontaneously and consciously realized ways and forms of pedagogical activity.

from as far as the teacher can realize and operate processes of a goal-setting decompose them to components, trace these processes are gives it the chance to see itself on the way of creation of the pedagogical concept, so, more clearly to represent borders of the states and actions;

Today in our country there is a formation of science about pedagogical innovations. Allocation of this science in independent branch began with the public and pedagogical movement, from emergence of a contradiction between the available need for fast development of school and inability of teachers to realize it. Mass nature of application new increased.